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Supplying walk behind scrubber driers across the UK

Comac walk behind 
scrubber driers

We supply the entire range of Comac scrubber driers, from the market leading Vispa 35B compact, battery-powered scrubber drier to the Optima and Ultra range of ride-on machines.

The experience and specialisation built up over more than 40 years have allowed Comac to develop many innovative machines from the small, revolutionary Vispa 35, ideal for cleaning smaller environments such as health clubs, school classrooms, canteens, smaller retail stores and more besides.

If you are looking at other brands, we are also able to supply scrubber driers from most other manufacturers including Numatic, Karcher, Nilfisk, and Tennant.
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Walk behind scrubber driers available from 
Industrial Floorcare Machines (UK) Ltd in London and throughout the UK

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i-mop has the performance of a "traditional" scrubber drier yet retains the flexibility of a flat mop.

It is cordless, powered by twin Lithium ion batteries, and has a 1 hour run time. The 360 degree titanium hinge enables it to clean in tight spaces with ease. It can clean under beds, tables and can even clean toilet cubicles. The 18 inch cleaning width and intelligent water usage offers the cleaning performance and speed of a larger scrubber drier.


FiMop is a one-of-a-kind and very compact scrubber drier with cylindrical brush. It has been designed to replace manual mopping systems for the cleaning of small and confined spaces, giving all the advantages of mechanised cleaning systems including high hygiene quality and immediately dry and safe floors.

FiMop is powered by a lithium ion battery, for easy and fast recharge at any time. In this way the machine is always available during the whole day and, being lightweight, it can be carried easily to different places. 

Multiwash range

Multi-purpose floor cleaning machines that wash, mop, scrub and dry on both hard and soft floor coverings in one single pass. Highly effective on non-slip safety floors, tiled floors, low pile carpets, escalators and travelators, entrance matting. Pump models feature a 4 litre solution tank and spray pump - making them better for cleaning larger floor areas or for carpet cleaning.

For more on Multiwash machines: www.multiwash.co.uk
Multiwash range

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