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Cleaning equiptment leasing
Tax effective leasing contracts designed to help you

Industrial Floorcare Machines (UK) Ltd is pleased to partner with Focus Leasing to bring you competitive leasing contracts and finance, focused on your needs. 

Below you will see some of the key benefits to leasing your cleaning machines through us.

Improve cash flow

Your new equipment can be installed and operational without the need for capital expenditure when you take out one of our leasing contracts. The cash can then be used where it will produce the best return, such as in investment, operating activities or short term funding needs.

Retain credit lines

Keep existing banking arrangements, and credit lines free for more appropriate uses. Our finance facilities cannot be withdrawn like overdraft facilities.

Simplify budgeting

Our finance payments are fixed for the whole term avoiding the effects of inflation and making cash flow forecasting and budgeting simpler. Bank facilities are generally related to interest rates, which is fine when they are low but can cripple cash flow when they increase.
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Keep up to date

Combat obsolescence problems or requirement changes as the equipment can be supplemented or upgraded at any time in the future.

Let the equipment pay for itself

Enable the finance payments to coincide with the benefits of having the new equipment as they start to appear. After all, you wouldn't pay all your staff costs up front! Finance payments may be financed as you go along by extra income obtained by having the new equipment. Have equipment at today's prices paid for from tomorrow's income.

Tax savings

In the case of lease rental, all rentals paid are 100% allowable as an expense for tax relief often providing tax savings.

Industrial Floorcare Machines will be pleased to put Focus Leasing in contact with you. Alternatively you may call their dedicated new business team on 01794 525 930 or email sales@focus-leasing.co.uk where someone will be pleased to discuss individual finance that is focused on your needs.

Leasing available from Industrial Floorcare Machines (UK) Ltd in London and throughout the UK

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